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Job Details

Talent Acquisition Manager


  • Own the vacancy ‘lifecycle’ from requisition to appointment  and develop a direct sourcing strategy to create talent pipelines.
  • Create a compelling candidate journey and experience, contributing to improving the employer brand working closely with marketing.
  • This role will also own the talent assessment process so that along with other activities there is a focus on and measurement of quality of hire.
  • This role will also include educating and developing managers to promote best practice around the hiring process.
  • The role will require someone to work closely with HRD to develop effective succession planning models.
  • The role is a mix of strategic and operational work and will require a candidate willing to be hands on and bring structure.

Candidate requirements

You will need to be amitious, determined, thoughtful and demonstrate a proven track reord of:

- Delivering recruitment projects

- Designing talent acquisition strategies

- linking talent acquisition to future strategy needs

Ideally you will have experience of coaching/mentoring business managers to improve recruitment, onboarding and retention practices


Competitive salary with an exciting performance bonsu and healthcare

Employer description

Brand led global consumer goods business

Date posted: 12.11.2019
Application Due: 12.12.2020
Employer: International FMCG Company
Location: Bucharest
Job Type: Full Time
Keywords: Recruitment HR
Contact person: Andrew Taylor
Contact email:
Job code: AGT - 6

To apply for this job, please send an email to, with your CV attached, mentioning the job code - AGT - 6 - in the subject.

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