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Job Details

HR Manager


To develop an HR strategy that supports rapid growth, including contributing to the evolution of organisational structure.  You will need to construct recruitment and retention tools that address a difficult and competitive labour market and go beyond purely financial incentives.  Developing leadership and critical thinking are key elements of training needs.

Candidate requirements

You must show a proven track record of improving recruitment and retiention, whilst also showing evidence of strategic capabilities.  Ideally you will combine experience of multinational and smaller businesses. 


A competitive salary, performance bonus, helathcare and the freedom to develop you own plan, within  an international group, raher than simply oversee implementation of global plans

Employer description

A mid sized international accounting and advisory firm

Date posted: 06.11.2019
Application Due: 06.12.2020
Employer: Moore Stephens
Location: Bucharest
Job Type: Full Time
Keywords: Human Resources Manager Recruitment Training
Contact person: Andrew Taylor
Contact email:
Job code: AGT - 5

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