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"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

Most Placeable Candidates (MPC)

MPCs are the kind of candidates who are irresistible to any client with strategy and vision because they are not just like any other candidate; they get it. Whatever this "it" would be, they always seem to understand the big picture of an organization, where it's headed and how to get there.

Since our selection process is different than the one of other similar companies, we always welcome MPCs because employers with a wide understanding of the term future will always want to have a look at them. This is where the "help me help you" principle works the other way around.

Have you got what it takes?

We usually concentrate on finding candidates who combine skills from more areas and who have a beyond-technical understanding of their work. People who are experienced project leaders, who have been in touch with the clients of the company they worked for, and who have a good understanding of the direction of the business are usually the main suspects. They also have great instincts when it comes to business, based on their experience and knowledge of the market they are working in.

The education is also very important to MPCs. Most of them have at least an MBA or an equivalent in their area of business, sometimes even a PhD. The reason is actually very simple - having a higher academic degree proves that they are good thinkers. Yes, it's great to have good instinct, but you also need a mind to back it up, to analyse advantages and disadvantages - this is something that a good instinct alone is of no use. However, this is not an absolute requirement, as a lot of great people have learned from their experience. If you have both, it's even better.

The key ingredient

OK, so you check all the boxes. However, this is not enough. MPCs are always winners, and not because they don't like to lose, but because they know how to turn every situation to their advantage and the advantage of the company they represent.

Stamina and driving change will turn a great candidate into an MPC. If your experience proves this point, you're all set. These are actually characteristics of leadership that will come in very handy when trying to develop a business; I don't care how big it is.

It's actually all about high morale, positive attitude and charisma. You are probably wondering how we can measure that. Unfortunately we don't really have a scientific answer to this but we're sure it has a lot to do with our instincts and knowledge of the market we're working in.

If you think you are an MPC, please contact us and let's have a chat so we can get to know each other better.

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