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"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

About us

We are a partnership of like-minded people, bound together by our passion, determination and enjoyment of working together. We hope that our shared value business can be a living model of innovation, dynamism and fair play; a place where work can be an expression of who we would like to be.

Andrew Taylor (Managing Director)

Andy has 18 years of experience in the recruitment industry across Europe. He has worked with the largest companies in the world and brings a creative, solution oriented approach to assignments. His background in organisational development provides real depth with which to advise clients and provides the basis of our strategy of matching candidates to client cultures, beyond mere competencies. Andy has a Ph.D. in environmental policy and is our green economy lead consultant.

George Boukouris (Sheffield)

George has a Ph.D. in environmental policy & finance; specifically carbon markets. He has spent most of his career in commercial, strategic and consulting roles linked to emerging technologies in the medical and energy sectors. Not afraid to think outside the box, George is always solution oriented and client driven.


Bogdan Stefan (Bucharest)

Starting out as an IT Professional, Bogdan discovered his true passion for more humane activities in 2008, when he left the corporate environment as an employee and returned as a consultant after starting his own outsourcing firm for HR related activities like Work Safety, Learning & Development and Recruiting. He joined Endike Associates in the summer of 2013, bringing his expertise in recruiting for the Digital Economy.


Oana Grosu (Bucharest)

Oana has 9 years of experience in recruitment and HR, both as a consultant and as an industry manager. During that time she has covered a wide variety of industry sectors and job functions. She combines a determined and structured approach to research with a strong commercial instinct and drive that produces unusually effective results for clients.